Choosing blinds for your conservatory

Many people add a conservatory or orangery to their home to provide extra living space and to take advantage of the warmth this room provides during summer. As a distinctive room with unique conditions, choosing blinds for a conservatory requires a little extra thought compared to other rooms in the home. Here are some vital things to consider.

Achieving a temperature balance

The problem with conservatories is that they can overheat during summer and glare can be an issue, making this space uncomfortable to be in at times. At the other end of the scale, this room may be too cold in winter, meaning it seldom gets used for many months of the year. Choosing the right type of blinds for your conservatory can overcome the problems with heat and glare, allowing you to control the temperature, so that this room can be comfortably used all year round.

Deciding on a style

There are many different styles and types of blinds that you could use in your conservatory, so taking the time to weigh up the options with their pros and cons makes great sense. Bear in mind that functionality is essential for any conservatory blinds, so that they maintain the required temperature and offer you privacy, but they should look aesthetically pleasing, too.

Consider what you use your conservatory for, and how the functions of this room might impact on your choice of blinds. Decide if you want blinds to cover just the windows, or the roof and doors of the conservatory as well.

Are you looking for low maintenance blinds that are easy to keep clean? If so, roller blinds are a great option. They don’t collect dust and only require an occasional wipe down.

Whatever style or colour of blinds you choose, ensure they blend in seamlessly with the decor of the rest of your home. Selecting blinds that are the opposite of adjoining areas will give the impression this room is ‘bolted on’. Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds and Roman blinds offer lots of versatility for a conservatory, so finding a style to complement this room and the rest of your home should be easy.

Consider the type of fabrics or materials that the blinds are made from for your conservatory. If you choose patterned roller blinds, for example, some types of fabric may fade over time from the glare of the sun. The colour of blinds in a store or catalogue may look completely different when placed in a conservatory with the sun’s glare on them, so take a sample home and see how it looks when placed in this room.

Some types of wooden blinds may also not cope well with the intense heat of a conservatory, so aluminium may be preferable in some cases. Additionally, avoid blinds that are very heavy, as they may not be suitable for the structure of the room.

A great option for a conservatory is blinds that have a solar lining, so that they reduce glare in the summer but provide the insulation this room craves during the colder months.

If you have many blinds in your conservatory, including roof blinds, you may also wish to make operating the blinds easy with a remote control system.

Whatever type of blinds you choose, because of the large window surface area, often situated at different angles, it’s preferable to get an expert blinds company to measure and install your blinds, for a professional and bespoke finish. Be clear when purchasing blinds that you require them for a conservatory, to ensure you get the right type for this space.