child-safe blinds

How to check your blinds are child-safe

You many have a young family of your own or be doting grandparents who treasure every visit. Whichever, one thing you’ll want to be sure of is that when the little ones are around, they are as safe as possible. To help with this, here are just three key questions to ask about the blinds – and more specifically their cords – in your home.

First Question

Are all of the cords completely out of the reach of the little ones? If not, and if these are hanging freely when young hands like to play and fiddle, they could become a real danger. By the way, we are using the word ‘cords’ as a generalisation, but know that this can also include other blind control methods such as braids, chains and tapes – all of which can present the same kind of danger.

Second Question

Are your blind cords out of a climber’s reach? While the actual danger is the same as in the previous question, a cord out of normal reach might be accessed by climbing onto a cot, bed or other piece of furniture – because we know that so many youngsters are also fearless climbers and explorers!

Third Question

Have you considered the alternatives to a cord-type system? Here at Blinds by Mark, we are happy to discuss different options for controlling your home blinds. For example, the crank system allows blinds to be controlled using a simple handle; alternatively, the use of a ‘wand’ type device allows easy single-handed operation.

Another pair of alternatives can also solve the ‘cord problem’. A battery-operated remote control makes it easier for you to adjust your blinds from wherever in the room you are comfortably relaxing. Some styles of roller blinds are also available with a push or pull cordless spring operation.

If you’d like to chat about ensuring your blinds are as child-safe as possible, please contact us on 07712 343 135 for obligation-free advice.