How to clean your Vertical and Venetian Blinds

Spring has finally arrived and nothing shows up dust like sunlight. Surprisingly, blinds are often overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning. Therefore we have put together some tips for cleaning your Vertical and Venetian blinds.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds generally require very little maintenance. Because the louvres hang down, they don’t trap as much dirt. However, when it is finally time to clean them, be wary of the washing machine. Fabric blinds can snag easily, so roll them up and put them inside a pillow case. Also, check the temperature your blinds can be washed at – many people find their blinds never leave the machine the same as they went in.

You can also easily clean your vertical blinds with a warm, damp cloth. Hot water isn’t always the best option and warm water can be just as effective. This is also a good method if your blinds are in a generally good condition and don’t require much maintenance.

Venetian blinds

Although Venetian blinds can require more regular cleaning due to their horizontal slats, the process isn’t difficult. There are, however, two different methods.

1. Light cleaning

You can undertake regular light cleaning, which involves frequently dusting your blinds. You can use dry cloths, dusters, old socks, tumble dryer wipes and antistatic cloths. Using the hoover is also a popular method, but make sure you use the upholstery attachment.

2. Deep cleaning

If you do not have the time to regularly clean your Venetian blinds, deep cleaning may be the better solution. However, this method is not suitable for faux wooden or wooden blinds.

Simply take down your blinds and soak them in the bath with a cleaning solution. You can use a soft brush to gently scrub away any ingrained dirt. Alternatively, you can also deep clean your blinds outdoors. Simply lay the blinds on a protective sheet and spray them with the garden hose until all residue has washed away.

For more advice on cleaning your Venetian or vertical blinds, contact us at Blinds by Mark today.