why venetian blinds

Why your home needs Venetian blinds

We’ve blogged before about choosing between roller and Venetian blinds, but there are some excellent reasons why Venetian blinds really are the savvy choice for your home. Did you know that Venetian blinds can stop 50% of the heat loss through your windows? And that they can even help to soundproof your room if you live near a busy road?

Control with style

Venetian blinds can add a real elegance and style to your space, making them the smart choice if you have street-facing rooms and want to control your privacy. Venetian blinds put you in control of natural light too, allowing you to precisely regulate the way the slats are angled to allow the light into your space.

Design versatility

The huge range of materials, colours and designs means you’ll find a Venetian blind to suit any interior style, from country cottage to contemporary apartment. Your budget doesn’t stretch to plantation shutters? Then hang white wood Venetian blinds for the same effect of airy elegance. Though they’re a cost-effective solution, Venetian blinds can bring a real elegance to any room, so think carefully about what materials, size of slat and finish would look best in each room.

Easy maintenance

Venetian blinds are surprisingly easy to maintain once they’ve been installed. A wipe over with a dry or damp cloth or a duster once a week will keep them looking their best. You’ll also get rid of the kind of dust allergens that can accumulate in your curtain and trigger an allergic reaction. For even easier maintenance, use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner, especially if it’s fitted with a HEPA filter.

We supply a comprehensive range of Venetian blinds to add some real design flair to your interior decor, so check out our website or contact us for more information.